I grew up here. I spent months studying and researching my run for public office. And I know I am the best candidate to serve Floyd County.

As a lifetime native, I understand both sides, the county and the city. I know the businesses, the people and will always put transparency, compassion and people above any political or personal gain. I will lead by example and work to mend any cities vs. county issues.

Our community is a special one. We have the best of both city-living and our county’s agricultural heritage right at our fingertips. Our education system is phenomenal, and we have relatively low property taxes, safe streets and beautiful landscapes. We attract people from near and far and must continue welcoming those who want to bring businesses, live, work, play and  raise families in Floyd County.

A vote for me, Jason Applegate for Floyd County Commissioner, will ensure we continue moving forward.

Floyd County has the opportunity and means to grow the way we want it to. Now is the time.

We already have completed the studies.  The questions have been asked and the comprehensive plan has been written. We need to set politics and personal gain aside, decide on a plan that’s best for the county, and put the plan into action.

My campaign revolves around this premise: Smart Growth for Floyd County, which entails implementing what the comprehensive plan that has already occurred advises:

Smart Growth is a proposed development pattern that makes efficient use of limited “land, fully utilizes our urban services and infrastructure, promotes a wide variety of transportation and housing options, absorbs and effectively serves a significant portion of the future population growth, protects the architectural and environmental character of the County through compatible, high quality, and environmentally-sensitive development practices.”

Currently, there is work being done with the study, but I feel the sense of urgency is not there.

I work with and talk to various business owners and employees, and those working with and for organizations and municipalities from around the region. We are one of the fastest growing areas in the country. We cannot miss this increasing opportunity. This is a time to be proactive.  We must envision our future and lay the groundwork now to accommodate the growth.

As the saying goes, “No one plans to fail, people simply fail to plan.”

Our local government has the ability to get things done. For example – and this is one of my favorites – we saw that with the 2017 passing of the New Albany-Floyd County School referendum. The work is now being completed, and the future of our public education system is secure.

I am running for the office of Floyd County Commissioner because it is the duty of this office to set the course for the county. We are here to back up and work with – not try to run – our municipalities and townships. Ultimately, the county is like the border pieces of a puzzle. We must work with everyone and their individual causes while making sure that everyone is a valued piece of the overall puzzle. By setting a county-wide plan, working together with everyone, we can and will accomplish Smart Growth for Floyd County.